Trinity Client Care Endorsement

Trinity Client Care Endorsement


The following enhanced coverages are available to qualified client companies with Trinity Client Care Endorsement.


Third Party, Privacy, Wage and Hour Defense and Immigration Practices Defense Coverage are available to PEO’s and client companies successfully completing the applicable underwriting supplement.

Coverages Include

Third Party Coverage for Client Companies

Coverage provided for claims made by customers of your clients who allege discrimination or harassment

Privacy Coverage

Coverage for theft of personal information that is in the care, custody or control of the client company or failure to disclose an event triggering any Breach Notice Law or failure to comply with Privacy Policies

Employment Event Coverage

$5,000 Sublimit to cover costs associated with fees and expenses charged by an Employment Advisor in connection with advising the client company to minimize potential loss or liability on account of an Employment Event

Wage and Hour Defense Coverage

$50,000 Sublimit for client company for defense coverage for wage and hour claims with a $500,000 policy sublimit for all client company claims

Immigration Practices Defense Coverage

$50,000 sublimit per client for defense coverage for claims arising out of the Immigration Reform Control Act or similar federal or state laws or regulations with a $500,000 policy sublimit for all client company claims

All Classes of Employees Covered

Coverage for the clients extends to include leased and non leased employees, owners, directors and officers

Single Retention Approach

When both PEO and Client Company are named on a claim, one retention – that being the retention assigned to the client company – will be applied to the claim